What is the art of writing? Francesca Biasetton answers that question in a most fascinating and personal manner with two short texts and images of many of her works of commercial calligraphy. However, what really reveals the essence of Francesca Biasetton’s search for beauty is a series of canvasses with writing that is illegible, deconstructed and reconstructed, but where the words are devoid of any meaning at all. In this asemic writing it is the free movement of the hand, the passionate gesture that dominates the rules and also breaks them – but only after assimilating and respecting them. The result gets us involved in an experience where writing strongly asserts itself as a rich and articulated art interpreted by Francesca Biasetton with versatility and rhythm. What emerges is a superb negation of the mundane, where order and even severity are present. After the discipline it is the lack of discipline that appears harmonious, elegant, refined and unique.